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Rae-diance Lighting Mod

Hay y'allz. So I'm preparing to uninstall Radiance and try Spookymuffin's lighting again, but before I take the plunge, I wanted to share my slightly-edited Radiance lighting in case anyone else wanted something a little brighter than the original. A low-effort post is perfect for a mod with an awful low-effort punny name, so this is gonna be short and sweet!

The main changes here are: brighter nighttime, brighter unlit rooms (more than the existing 'brighter unlit rooms' version), inclusion of Nightracer's seasons tweaks with minor edits, and decreased color saturation. I've included nighttime differences between my edit, Maxis lighting, and Radiance lighting, which have been left untouched so fair warning, they're pretty dark!

Nighttime with standard Maxis lighting (which Spookymuffin uses)

Nighttime with Radiance 2.4 (Brighter Unlit Rooms version)

Nighttime with Rae-diance lighting

The brighter nighttime is much friendlier to FRAPs and picture-editing, but still dark enough so it feels like proper nighttime during gameplay. I should really take pictures of the color saturation too but I'm feeling lazy, so to sum it up, all I've done there is reduced it back to the original Maxis value. (If you're not sure what I'm talking about, that's the color lighting in Radiance that makes everything in say, a red room look very red as well. If you want to fiddle with that yourself, it's called 'set roomSaturation' in the lighting.txt: 0.5 is the original Maxis value; 1.0 is Radiance's; the higher the number, the stronger the color saturation.) Okay, that's pretty much it!


To install this:
1. Install Radiance 2.4 if you don't have it already. You must have the full Radiance installation for this to work.
2. Go to C: > Program Files (x86) > EA Games > The Sims 2 > TSData > Res > Lights. Find the Lighting.txt file and either move it to a safe location, or rename it to something like 'BackupLighting'
3. Move my Lighting.txt into the folder. Done!
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