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Back From The Dead

Hey all! I'm still alive! As you might have already guessed, nursing school ate my life and I've fallen off the face of the earth since it started. Wonderful program, but holy hell it keeps me busy! I'm making progress though... I've got my licensing exam on the 19th. I still have another year and a half of the program to finish up plus I need a job ASAP so I have no idea what my schedule is going to be like coming up. I'm still on hiatus, but ideally I'd like to post something every so often so people don't think I died. :( I'm sorry for causing some worry!

In sim news, my old-ass dinosaur of a computer didn't survive the move to where I'm living now, so I got to build a new computer and put the Ultimate Collection on it! ...And then proceeded to not touch TS2 for over a year! I guess I needed an extended break because I haven't even had the urge to play until about a week ago. Everything made it onto the new computer so no worries there. Also, some housekeeping things: I recently discovered that Box is being dumb and my bandwidth is constantly maxed out for whatever reason. I'm not sure if the Box workaround works in this case, so I've added two additional download links to the Downloads page -- one for all the sims, one for all the other assorted stuff I've done. Also, there was an anon who asked me a long time ago (VERY long, imsosorry) how I organized my skin genetics; I've uploaded my genetic scale list here.

Okay, back to work for me! But I'll be puttering around on LJ for a bit later to do some cleaning up. See you then!
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